Big Steps = Little Things

Decision point. I’m giving up my house. It’s a great duplex on a tree lined street with great neighbors and blah blah blah, I can’t stand it and I’m ready to go. I’m going to rent it, travel and stay with friends.  At first I didn’t know how all of the details would work out. But, once I committed to the task and convinced my Taurus mother that I’m not crazy (first convincing myself), the steps are starting to come to me. A big decision–what’s my mailing address? I’ve never been a nomad before. Where would I get my snail mail? Los Angeles is filled with a thousand cousins, nieces, uncles and other extended family but I pick the house where I spend the most time. One of my best friends for 20 years lives there and she and her husband have three of the most adorable children. And she’s a Capricorn. She can organize anything, figure out any puzzle, the one person I want with me on a deserted island. So, all snail mail will go to her. One problem solved and probably one hundred more to go. But, when you commit, answers come.

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