Life in Luggage Begins

Some people think big journeys come on a whim. Mine came slowly and built. A friend comes to visit me in Cali during one of my what am I going to do now moment. We’ve been friends for 16 years and she’s seen me through some great career moments. She seems a bit annoyed with my restlessness, “What do you want to do? Say it! What will make you happy?” Me: “To travel and spend time with my friends.” I feel like a juvenile. I have two mortgages, a career, all the usual trappings. But it was the truth. I was in a relationship but still lonely. I missed my friends. I felt like travel would unleash something dormant. Right then, we made a list of the places my friends lived. The list covered 14 cities and 7 countries. How would I get there? How would I pay for it all?  What would happen to my career while I was gone? This blogs tells you how it all turned out.

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