Namibia is…boring

I can’t say my 1st few days in the motherland are dreamy at all but it’s going to get better I know. I always find the culture strange in indigenous countries that have been colonized by Dutch or Germans.  There’s this subdued quality that to me is just antithetical to people of color. Everyone is so polite but it’s beyond that. They feel obedient, insipid even. Namibia has a bit of that feeling. You wonder where people go to get naughty here. Is there some bar or place where you walk in and people are pressed up against one another in hot sweaty bodily submission where they curse and spit or something. The whole city responds to you like the character in Coming to America who only wants to do what Eddie Murphy wants her to do. “What kind of food do you like?” “Whatever kind you like.”  I’m not saying I don’t expect Africans to be polite but there’s something weird about it, coupled with the street names like Ilse-Strassen or Gever-Strassen. Strassen=street. So imagine dark-skinned Namibians saying “Ilse-Strassen.” It’s ridiculous and I’m bored. And all the Aryan men riding their little bikes down the street. I literally have flashbacks of the thousands of African women who were probably forced to bed these beasts. I had no idea this experience would bring this out in me. I’m supposed to be here for R&R but I can’t help but find things that annoy me. If I was going to have this much attitude, I could have stayed in New Jersey!

2 thoughts on “Namibia is…boring

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story…I remember when you told me over the phone….hilarious…what you expected and hoped for versus what you were besieged with! LOL “It’s ridiculous and I’m bored.” LOVE IT! Wish there was a ‘like’ button in WordPress!

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