Where the Wild Things Are

I asked for excitement and I got it. Until now, I’ve been mostly sleeping and adjusting to the dry climate, coughing and the slight nose bleed. But today, we went to the “subsidized” area for local eating. I ordered the roasted chicken. I was getting down on a thigh and leg for about 10 minutes until I looked in the bowl and saw the foot! I was so hungry I had maybe one more bite  but then done. As a whole, this doesn’t appear to be a country known for its cuisine. Bummer for me as much as I like to eat but perhaps between bland food and food with feet,  I’ll drop twenty pounds. 🙂

It seems a big emotional part of Africa is getting over the fact that Europeans govern everything and print brochures about sites that call places a “fusion of European and African culture.” Fusion? A bit euphemistic wouldn’t you say? Since when does conquering countries, establishing your language as the dominant one, restricting travel of indigenous people, setting up schools and forcing people’s children to attend religious schools mean fusion! Now mind you, I’ll also have to pay a European tour group $300 to take me on two nights of safari. When, just imagine,  if the continent would have been as it was found, I might enjoy a much less expensive tour without paying for it in Marks.  So much for getting a better attitude. I have to remember. I’m not here to get political. I’m on vacation.

2 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. If the “continent would have been as it were found,” you might also have been more likely to be mauled in the bush! I’m just joking. I do get your point…and find it extremely interesting how the conquerors rewrite history to give the impression that their imposition…domination…was for “the best.”

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