Ten Days in Jersey

Some stops on my tour are unexpected. One of my Jersey girlfriends sends a 3:30am text message —

Nothing like friends

Her husband has died.   “Please come when you can.” This part of the trip is most unexpected. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 months before. He’s 47 years old, a former athlete and a health enthusiast. His illness was a shock. His death defies understanding. They have been married for 13 years, have a sweet precocious 6 year old daughter and all of their friends know about their plans to retire to Jamaica together in the next 10-15 years. Those plans change now. And so do mine. I gather my bags and head to be with her. In Jersey, myself and others provide a ring of support around her. She is as composed as a diplomat about the whole thing. Her priority is keeping her daughter grounded and prepared to face the future that lies ahead. We follow her tune and focus on reconnecting. After the service, my friend asks/tells me in her signature sass, “Since you’re on your little sojourn, you can just stay here with us.” Seven days turns to ten and being together reminds me of a summer during college where we hung out non-stop while she “used” me to get to my male best friend. Their relationship didn’t last. Our friendship did. Despite the sad whys of being here, I’m grateful for this time with her.

One thought on “Ten Days in Jersey

  1. First of all, LOVE the picture from Rincon! Secondly, I was sooooo very happy you were here with me. I love you. All of my friends came out, en masse, to be with me and Sydney. We just felt so loved and protected! Secondly, if you are going to quote my signature sass, get it right! I’m pretty sure I said, “Since you are bi-coastal now, you might as well stay!” (maybe not as PG as that 🙂 Then, I went on to convince you to change your ticket to stay just a bit longer. I was so happy when you were here and I miss you now just thinking about it! Vincent is now an angel and I’m certain that he is watching over you, as well. I never considered the benefits of having my own personal angel, but there are MANY! So, you keep writing and I’ll keep reading about all of your wonderful adventures. Glad you finally took the plunge! You almost missed your calling, girl! Love you more than you know. Oh, and just for the record…I did not “use” you…The universe had bigger plans in store for you and me. You see…in the final analysis…that summer wasn’t even about that boy (where is he now, anyway?)….that summer was about you and me…all along.~Tiff

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